Our support team has the means and knowhow to investigate your challenge. Large scale microscopic investigations with clear statistical reports and images of particles found are our speciality.


In Europe we offer a rental service for PDM equipment. The equipment comes in a shipping box and witness plastes are shipped in a separate container.

PDM what's in the box?

Particle Deposition Monitoring

The rental service for PDM is offered in blocks of minimum a week and maximum 12 months. For a week the planning is simple, if we have a unit available it can be planned. For a year the availability depends on the production status.


Like every measurement equipment calibration is required.  For PDM equipent the calibration routine can be extended by carrying out verifications.  During the 2020 Covid period this system was developed in order to have less movement of people and PDM product. 

PDM what's in the box?

Full calibration  and at site calibration

A full factory calibration of the PDM can only take place using the fatory calibration services. The factory is located in Heerlen the Netherlands. The product needs to be shipped back to the factory.

To avoid shipping of the PDM an at site calibration can be done by a technician. If serious deviations occur still a full calibration may be required.

Remote verification

This system is developed by the PDM team in order to reduce traveling during Covid period 2020. Basically a test set is send to the customer who carries out a series of measurements on optical targets. The results are communicated to the factory team that can change settings in the PDM thus bringing it to specification if required. Either method of calibration or verification will result in a valid certificate of calibration for the PDM.

PDM what's in the box?

Remote verification

Remote verification is a system developed by the PDM team in order to lower the cost of ownership and to reduce shipment and technician intervention.  A remote verification requires a special test disks with nanameter accurate optical target. This disk will be shipped to the site of the PDM and locally the test programme will be carried out. The HQ in Heerlen the Netherlands will verify the data and will extend the calibration with a certificate if the unit meets the specifications. 

This method of working reduces shipment costs and ensures equipment availability.  


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Particle deposition measurements are the new tools to get grip on the contamination budget in your production. If you need support contact us, we speak English, German and Dutch. Ask for a video conference.