The PDM system consits of a unit to image the surface of a glass disk. By means of the vision analysis software the image is checked for deposition. Spare disks, storage and exposure boxes are as well product to the kernel of the system. Furthermore support products for shipping the PDM unit and for using the PDM on a battery supply are offered. For europe we have as well a rental service.

Basic PDM unit 

The PDM unit it self is available in three levels of sensitivity. The sensitivity is expressed in the smallest detectable particle. Versions available are 5 micrometer, 10 micrometer and 14 micrometer.
The most sensitive version meets the ISO 14644:17 of 2021 ,


Witness plates

Witness plates are the hart of the system as they are used to collect deposition. The disks are detacheable and can be exposed in the exposure box. Witness plates are tools to carry out parallel exposure tests. A witness plate is not a disposable and if carefully handled it will not deteriorate. The image shows the glass witness plate in an exposure box.

Exposure boxes

Exposure boxes facilitate the sample taking and transportation of the witness plates. A closed box with a premeasured disk can be stored for a long time as the surface cleanliness in the exposure box does not change. Boxes meet industry standards and can be cleaned but do not need to be cleaned to very high levels of surface cleanliness. The disk only touches the box at non measured areas. An open box in exposure mode is shown.

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