PDM in gebruik

Particle Deposition Monitoring

Get the grip on particle deposition measurements.
A measuring system counting sizing and imaging each particle on a detachable witness plate. By means of the exposure boxes various rooms can be monitored simultaneously. The passive system allows, likewise the original PFO system, monitoring over several months. A true innovation in measurement if you want to characterize the PFO. Unlike any other system capable of measuring fibers as well. The fast realtime functions provides even feedback during work in progress.



Partikelfalle – Witness plate

Is a Witness plate the same as a Partikelfalle? Yes it is. In the englisch language we talk about the plate showing the evidence of the deposition. In the german...

What about particle size

The particle size in deposition requires the definition of the manufacturer of the measuring equipment. Unlike working with polysirene equivalent dust to calibrate an airborne counter,  the deposition counting and sizing...

facility cleaning and PDM

Cleaning of a cleanroom is expensive and requires extra people to work in the cleanroom. Therefore smart cleaning can reduce costs as well as the level of cleanliness reached in a...


support team

Our support team has the means and knowhow to investigate your challenge. Large scale microscopic investigations with clear statistical reports and images of particles found are our speciality.

PDM system verification at site

Verification reports checking the calibration status thus extending the calibrated use at site contribute to a lower cost of ownership.

PDM rental

PDM equipment and exposure boxes with witness plates are available for rent in Europe

PDM equipment calibration

The development factory in Heerlen the Netherlands and the assembly plant provide full service including equipment calibration.

Interested in our products?

This probably means you would like to see our price list. Talk to us for solutions, as well commercial solutions.


PDM equipment is used by various companies around the world to maintain the quality levels required during production.


What makes PDM unique

PDM equipment gathers deposition on a detachable glass witness plate. This allows passive data collection without a measurement device even at site. Long measurement series and parallel measurements are easy to carry out. This is the passive mode.

Furthermore measurements can be carried out with the witness plate on the measuring device allowing events to be catched direct after a short exposure time of the large detector. This is the realtime mode.

Lastly samples are non-destructive measured allowing to measure them again or to extract particles from the witness plate for electron microscope investigation.


The detector surface is nearly 50 square centimetre. This allows fast detection even al low deposition levels.

Large dynamic range

Even large deposition levels and particle sizes can be handled. Several thousands of particles with a size up to several milimeter as found in environmental dust can be measured.

Transparent measuring chain

All measurements carried out by the PDM can be verified by means of a microscope and a lot of work . All measurements are reproduceable as the original is not disturbed.


Particle deposition measurements are the new tools to get grip on the contamination budget in your production. If you need support contact us, we speak English, German and Dutch. Ask for a video conference.