In this section some small articles can be found about subjects of interest with respect to particle measurments in deposition. Answers to questions will be put in articles as well thus building up a place to look for answers.

Partikelfalle – Witness plate

januari 15th, 2021|

Is a Witness plate the same as a Partikelfalle?

Yes it is. In the englisch language we talk about the plate showing the evidence of the deposition. In the german language it is called the trap for particles. Often is the “trap” even equiped with a door like the exposure boxes. The dimensional set-up does ensure…

What about particle size

januari 12th, 2021|

The particle size in deposition requires the definition of the manufacturer of the measuring equipment. Unlike working with polysirene equivalent dust to calibrate an airborne counter,  the deposition counting and sizing is done under a automatic optical microscope scanning the disk.  The optical system is calibrated by means of optomechanical standards.  Around each…

facility cleaning and PDM

januari 12th, 2021|

Cleaning of a cleanroom is expensive and requires extra people to work in the cleanroom. Therefore smart cleaning can reduce costs as well as the level of cleanliness reached in a cleanroom. The change of surface contamination can be measured by PDM equipment in automatic mode or in regular intervals. Upon…

Particle size distribution

januari 12th, 2021|

The particle size distribution is normally a straight line in a log-log graph.  The PDM equipment produces such a graph as visual result of a measurmeent. In this graph three area’s of interest can be found.  The aera around small particles such as 5 tot 15 micrometer.  If this group of particles dominates…

Transparent measuring method

december 29th, 2020|

Getting a feeling of what is measured and how it is measured is a good property of measurement equipment.  The particle deposition measurement equipent provides a transparent chain of data that can be verified by remeasuments or using particles of known size.  Even NIST particles are available for testing the size accuracy.  Counting…

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