Wat zou er in de soep gevallen zijn?

Popular article in Dutch language about the concept of the witness plate and therewith the indirect measurement of contamination.  Find the article here.

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Sticky pad solution for particle deposition measurements

In the ongoing developments on particle deposition measurement equiment a short presentation was made about the results found with sticky pad equipment. Particles on sticky pads reduced is the name of the presentation.

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Surface Sample Pad new member of the PDM family

The surface sample pad is a sticky pad used to sample a surface on particles.   Most particles will stick to the surface and can be sized and counted.   Even if  not all parts are collected still comparing measurements can be made easily. The surface sample pad may be a good candidate for checking the overall cleanliness in a …

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Improve on process control

Articele in magazine Process Control 2014 For the full article click here.

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How to improve a cleanroom process with minimum effort

Article on how to improve a cleanroom process with minimum effort. The action and results are measured in particle deposition as well in numbers as in size. By means of witness plates the results of the actions were monitored and within one hour results of the improvement were available.  All deposited particles are caught on a witness plate thus providing …

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Particle Deposition Monitor to reduce cleanroom costs

Particle Deposition Monitor to reduce cleanroom costs Agricola, Weling 2011 Dutch Author: Ir. Koos Agricola, Ing. Paul Weling   Origine:  VCCN, SAC-Nederland  Year: 2011    Language:  English Name: Article Particle Deposition Monitor to reduce cleanroom costs.pdf describtion:  A cleanroom is classified by the concentration of airborne particles. A cleanroom is build to prevent contamination of unwanted particles smaller and larger than 5 μm. …

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